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  • "I believe a course in Practical Money Skills should be a required course for all students in Middle/Junior/High School."

    Gladys Fitzhugh-Pemberton, Theodore Roosevelt High School, Washington, DC
Roadmap for Educators

Roadmap for Educators
Discover the wide array of free resources on Practical Money Skills and how to use them in your classroom.
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Practical Money Skills Resource Roadmap for Educators

If you’re looking to incorporate money lessons into your classroom, Practical Money Skills is a great place to start. Use the below guide to navigate around the site and learn about available resources. Whether you’re introducing this topic to your students for the first time or you want to reinforce what you’re currently doing, Practical Money Skills offers a wide array of free lesson plans, online games, videos, calculators, and more.

Resources Summary

Learn more about the financial literacy tools and resources that Practical Money Skills for Life has to offer teachers, parents and consumers.
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Spotlights Spotlights

Timely and seasonal updates and articles from Practical Money Skills.

Learning Learning

Educational and insightful articles to help you navigate through your financial life–be it saving for retirement, understanding your credit score, trimming vacation costs or even planning for a baby.

Practical Money Matters Article Series Khan Academy

Watch these quick, informative personal finance videos from the Khan Academy to help you learn some of the basics of financial literacy.

Practical Money Matters Article Series Article Series

These weekly articles written by Nathaniel Sillin, Head of Global Financial Literacy at Visa Inc., offer information on a broad range of personal finance topics, including creating a budget, saving for retirement and using credit wisely.

Personal Finance

Click on this tab if you are looking to better understand some of the basics of personal finance, including saving, budgeting and dealing with credit. The topics are also broken down into "life events" that guide you through saving for college, getting married, buying a home, preparing for retirement and much more.

For Educators
Lesson Plans Lesson Plans

Download curriculum, teacher's guides, worksheets and quizzes for students of all ages, from pre-schoolers to college and special needs students.
Download lesson plans
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State Standards State Standards

See how the Practical Money Skills program compares to your state's educational standards.

Innovative Educator Innovative Educator

Monthly profiles of teachers from around the country who have found new and innovative ways to integrate personal finance into the classroom. Nominate yourself or a teacher you know who is doing great work teaching kids about money!

Free Educational Games

Games can be powerful teaching tools, and Visa Inc. has been on the forefront of producing dynamic, educational video games that engage and motivate kids while teaching them important money management skills and values. Here's a sample of some of the games available for students of every age:

Financial Soccer Financial Soccer

A multilingual video game developed in partnership with FIFA that helps provide children and young adults with the knowledge and tools they'll need to maintain sound financial habits over a lifetime.

Financial Football Financial Football

A fast-paced, NFL-themed video game available online and as a free app for iPhones and iPads on iTunes in both English and Spanish.

Money Metropolis Money Metropolis

A game geared toward kids ages 7 to 12 that allows them to navigate a multi-dimensional world, making life decisions that will affect whether their virtual bank accounts shrink or grow.

Peter Pig’s Money Counter Peter Pig’s Money Counter

This game helps kids ages 4 to 7 practice sorting and counting coins with the help of wise Peter Pig. It is also available for Android phones and tablets.


The screen of choice for many today is their mobile phone. Check out the Tooth Fairy Calculator app for iPhones and iPads that helps parents struggling to determine the going rate of a tooth by showing what the Tooth Fairy is leaving under the pillows of there children. Also, the Plan'it Prom app helps teens and their parents track their budget for prom. Financial Football and Peter Pig's Money Counter are also available as apps for iPhone and iPad.

Online Financial Calculators

How much can you afford to pay for a car? Should you pay down a debt or invest? How much money should you set aside for the holiday season? There's no need to speculate when you can insert actual numbers into an online calculator to help you better predict and assess your financial choices. These calculators are easy and quick to use.


Videos are a great complement to your classroom activities. View demos of Financial Football and Financial Soccer events, informative money lessons from the Khan Academy and clips from the annual Financial Literacy Summit co-hosted by Visa Inc. and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.


Peruse our polls, browse our newsletters, an access audio and video in the podcast center. All resources are free and can be used by educators, parents and consumers of all ages.

Free Materials Free Materials

These top-quality financial literacy materials, including classroom modules, games, DVDs, brochures, money guides and the popular Marvel's Avengers Saving the Day comic are free and available for download or mail order.

Practical Money Skills e-Newsletter Practical Money Skills e-Newsletter

This monthly e-newsletter features current financial education news, events and Practical Money Skills updates. It also features a financial literacy educator innovating new and exciting ways to teach students.

Visa Inc. believes the financial services industry has the expertise and the responsibility to empower our nation's citizens to understand personal money management and master their financial well-being and future. We began our financial literacy outreach in 1995 and have worked with educators, our nation's leaders, school boards, state leaders, parents, and financial institutions to reach our nation with this critical knowledge. Visa has invested $10 million and will continue to invest, to develop, and deliver engaging, relevant curriculum to support our nation's educators and leaders in their efforts to reach students and consumers who need it the most. Visa Inc. is a member of the national Board for the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy (, a nonprofit coalition committed to advancing financial literacy among students in pre-kindergarten through college.

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